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imageEspecially since Franken is no longer in the picture, Gabbard is literally a russian plant, and the only other names I would go for (Gillibrand, Warren) don really seem interested in running.They are. Obama ran on a platform of punishing the banks for the 2008 crisis. Nobody went to jail for it, and Dodd Frank got neutered pretty early on by the GOP.

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More details to follow soon. Any ladies looking to play football for the coming year, come on down to training on Wednesday and Friday Night. Also nursery training every Sat morning 10 11. FILE This Oct. 29, 1979 file photo shows Gordie Howe (9) of the Hartford Whalers and his son and teammate Mark Howe (5) taking the puck from New York Rangers' Ron Greschner (4) in first period action at Madison Garden in New York City. Mark Howe has earned the right to join his father, Gordie, in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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